DeRISK Launches Multi-Bank Platform for Treasury Management

A treasury platform designed for efficiency, flexibility and transparency

DeRISK expands its solutions suite to treasury teams by offering an innovative, market-leading platform for sourcing liquidity from multiple banks and dealers globally.

A single platform to electronically manage your multi-asset trading needs.

For many treasury departments risk management and trading of products like forwards, options and swaps still cause operational and financial hurdles. It is crucial to manage various aspects of the role efficiently. DeRISK will help you ensure:

  • Best execution
  • Timely trade confirmations
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Accounting integrations

The World is becoming overwhelmed with data. DeRISK can help digitize your treasury processes with user-oriented software solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows and IT infrastructures.

A single platform that saves time and costs:

  • Direct trading access to multiple risk management products
  • Competitive bidding from banks and liquidity providers
  • Ability to integrate corporate and fund structures
  • Trade on behalf of different entities
  • Instant trade confirmations and automated reporting
  • Sophisticated requests for pricing of structured trades and risk management strategies

Find out more by contacting us or downloading the platform brochure.

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