Quantitative Modelling

Pragmatic mathematical perfection delivered

DeRISK’s team have extensive experience in building sophisticated risk modelling and management solutions for corporate clients and financial institutions. Based on client’s requirements and business case we can deliver solutions of varying complexity to a wide range of problems.

Pragmatic mathematical perfection delivered
Our specialists have hands on experience in complex methodologies

Our specialists have hands on experience in complex methodologies that can be required to model each client’s specific exposures to currency, credit, equity, liquidity, and other risks. Furthermore, our team’s expertise in derivatives pricing, modelling and risk management can give you unprecedented edge in designing, negotiating, and implementing sophisticated risk management solutions.

Regulated Firm

  • EU-licensed Investment Firm providing software solutions to professional clients:
    • Brokerage or execution of trade orders on behalf of clients
    • Portfolio management
    • Investment advice
    • Independent investment research & financial analysis
    • Advice on capital structure & strategy
    • Expertise on derivatives pricing, trading and risk
  • Safeguarding and full segregation of assets with global top-tier banks.
  • Business, financial and risk analytics advisory and consulting.
  • Customer-focused, technology-driven, socially responsible and transparent.

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