New generation Corporate Treasury Services for enterprises of any size

We provide professional guidance and technology-driven solutions to manage liquidity and risks: FX, Interest rates, Agriculture, Energy, Metals & other commodities.

Less time dealing with financial uncertainty, more time focusing on strategic decision-making.

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DeRISK - an innovative treasury manager

We provide corporate treasury services with a focus on risk management. Our Corporate Clients have access to sophisticated mathematical modeling and business intelligence tools that deliver state-of-the-art solutions for hedging, liquidity management and business analytics.

Business-specific insights

Utilize granular accounting data, advanced business analytics and cloud computing to deliver quality risk management advice.

Top-tier markets capabilities

Sophisticated modelling approaches and know-how of major banks and brokers are here to serve your needs when managing risks, trading, hedging or negotiating with financial intermediaries.

Direct market access

Connect directly to trusted financial intermediaries and trading venues to achieve low cost access to financial markets.

Easy to understand

Transparent and easy to understand services and tools with a focus on the specifics of your business help key management and corporate finance teams to stay on top of the things.

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Technology-driven services

DeRISK works with clients to understand their business model, financials and forecasts to build a customer-specific cash, liquidity and risk management approach. Our process is intuitive, client-oriented and efficient. Furthermore, clients always have our continuous support to deal with the unexpected scenarios.

Accounting & Budgeting Data

We integrate your accounting and budgeting data to interactive data visualization tool to create tailored real-time business analytics model.

Business & Risk Exposure Analytics

DeRISK business analytics, scenario and “what-if” analysis provide unique insights into business risks, their effect to the bottom line and form the basis of your robust liquidity, risk management and hedging program.

Management Inputs

Your key planning inputs, like budgeting assumptions, profitability targets, estimated deviations to revenue or cost targets throughout the year will enable us to build the optimal risk and liquidity management strategy.

Target Cashflows & Liquidity

DeRISK works with you to establish relevant KPIs for hedging and required liquidity levels throughout the year. This way we ensure that any risk management strategy is designed around relevant and measurable benchmarks.

Hedge Construction Algorithms

DeRISK quantitative algorithms do the relevant financial market scans for the best available market opportunities and construct a range of hedging and investment strategies that match your business requirements.

Hedge Proposal

DeRISK algorithms deliver a range of hedge options and calculate how various hedging and liquidity management strategies will impact your bottom line and financials allowing you to evaluate hedge proposals within broader business context.

Trading & Hedge Execution

DeRISK negotiates the most competitive prices and the best rates globally for your chosen risk management approach at no extra cost. Our best execution responsibility as an independent adviser and investment manager is our top priority.

Continuous Risk Monitoring and Management

DeRISK regularly review and help adjust your strategy to ensure it is aligned with your business: margin alerts, hedge & liquidity management and business analytics form the cornerstone of our continuous and daily support to your business.

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Management team

Our team has a wealth of international experience in risk and investment management, banking, corporate finance and technology.

Naglis Vysniauskas

CEO, Chairman

Zana Kraucenkiene

Board Member

Gintaras Samuolis

Board Member

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